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The history of wireless in many ways is tied to Push-To-Talk (PTT), and our history is linked to the industry standard-bearer for the “button”, Motorola.

Our clients utilize a variety of PTT based solutions to effectively manage mobile personnel and optimize their business processes.  These fall into these broad categories:

On-site PTT communication

Wide-area PTT communications

  • LTR Trunked Two-Way Radio dispatch systems for mobile fleets in Niagara, Hamilton and Toronto


  • The GOTRBO Network featuring Motorola’s Connect Plus digital two-way radio system. Our system connects five MOTOTRBO sites into one large system across Ontario.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Clear Digital Voice Audio
  • Priority Call
  • Talk Group Call
  • Multi-Group Call
  • System Wide Call
  • Private Call
  • Call Alert
  • PTT ID/Aliasing
  • Emergency Call
  • Radio Check
  • Radio Inhibit
  • Multiple Priority Talkgroup Levels
  • Scan
  • Single and Multi Site Operation
  • 2:1 TDMA Digital Trunking 6.25e
  • Control Channel Based Trunking
  • Seamless Roaming/System Search and Lock
  • Up to 15 Repeaters per site – 30 Channel/Slots
  • Audio Quality Improved Over Analog
  • Integrated Voice and Data Included GPS, Text, Telemetry, Applications
  • Network Management
  • Console Interface
  • Encryption

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