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Where we've been...

We are a wireless technology company in our third decade of operation. In the beginning, 1997, we were a company of three people who wanted to provide valuable Motorola two-way radio and ClearNet (Telus) cellular solutions to the business and government communities of Niagara. 


Looking for ways to diversify we launched in 2003 a wireless broadband network to deliver high speed internet services to rural markets. As a result we learned about wireless IP. A cow was our mascot to represent the rural services we delivered.


This shifted us to becoming a company which delivers voice and IP solutions to our clients that incorporate voice and broadband, often integrated with backend-software to solve enterprise problems. Along the way our people have become  experts in RF architecture, design, implementation and support.


We exited from the cellular marketplace in 2013 and from internet services in 2014. We are back to our roots with a twist - all wireless IP. Along the way we invested in our technical team and are a Motorola Service Partner (MSP), working alongside Motorola on P25 radio networks.


Today we employ about ten people with years of experience and certifications in voice radio, indoor and outdoor broadband and data solutions in both technical, sales and administrative roles.

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