What we do...

Voice & Data Radio 

Push-To-Talk (PTT)

The history of wireless in many ways is tied to PTT, and our history is linked to the industry standard-bearer for the “button”, Motorola Solutions.


Our clients utilize a variety of PTT based solutions to effectively manage mobile personnel and optimize their business processes.  They fall into these broad categories:

On-site PTT Communication

Motorola Two-Way Radio simplex and repeater-based solutions for enterprise and government.

Wide-area PTT communications

Public Safety P25 and MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio dispatch systems for mobile fleets in Niagara, Hamilton and Toronto


Not Just Voice Anymore

Modern digital radio networks go way beyond voice. Integrated data and GPS allows tracking of radio users as well as specialized signaling for:



Text messaging


And many more applications


The classic two-way radio now talks seamlessly with smartphones, extending the PTT world to the business owner and executive.

We do sales, service and rentals of all these solutions.

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Motorola Two-way radios

Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Networks

Wireless LANs (WLANs) operate at gigabit speeds with 802.11ac.   802.11ac access points (APs) are designed from the ground-up to leverage your legacy wiring closet infrastructure and support high device-densities.  So you can protect your investment and bring on BYOD.


Most importantly, you have the freedom to make network design decisions that fit your needs. The RF cloud created by wi-fi access points can extend your IP network throughout an indoor or outdoor space.

Outdoor PTP and PMP Networks

Businesses, schools, hospitals and government agencies need to be connected, and copper or fiber solutions are expensive and can take months to install.  Talk Wireless’ outdoor broadband solutions provide rapid extension of copper or fiber network infrastructure to connect new locations. 


Our access network solutions spread connectivity to multiple locations in a service area to enable data, voice, and video connectivity.   Connect campus locations in a fraction of the time and cost of fiber technology with field-proven wireless broadband.

RF Signal Boosting

In-Building RF Amplification

Today, wireless mobility is part of our everyday lifestyles. However, there are times  when signal strength for your mobile phone or two-way radio is poor because of the location you’re in. This is often true inside buildings.


Amplifiers function as signal boosters that enhance your portable device's ability to connect with its assigned network regardless of obstructions. Different types of amplifiers are used for the amount of signal losses which need to be overcome in various buildings. These units are called bi-directional  amplifiers (BDA) because they amplify signal in both directions, sending and receiving, and there is no physical connection needed between the cell phone and the antennas mounted in the building. The unique nature of each building requires a site visit to determine how much amplification is needed and the placement of cables and antennas both inside and outside.