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How we do it...


Our Values define us.
First, we are passionate about the
Golden Rule, treating others the way we ourselves want to be treated.
That applies to employees, clients and vendors.
We are Consultative.
The back side of our business cards has these words:
Ask - Understand - Assist
We can't know know how to assist in your success without understanding your needs and goals. We get there by asking a lot of questions.


It is not a cliche. Our strength is our people. That is evident in three areas:
We are a certified Motorola Service Partner. Our technical staff carry ETA tested electronics and product certs from Motorola, Ericsson, Cambium and others.
RF evaluation, planning, design and implementation is what we have been doing since 1997. Our technical staff are experienced in analog voice radio, digital voice and data radio, Project 25 (P25) networks.
Our IP knowledge spans routing, switching, indoor and outdoor wireless broadband.
Most of our staff have been here more than ten years. This is more than a job for them - this has been a career choice.


From an email written by a valued client to one of his peers in a similar organization:
I have copied Talk Wireless who we’ve contracted to implement the 4.9 GHz.  They have been an excellent partner and can speak to you with great detail on what we’ve able to achieve.  If you are thinking of moving this forward, I would highly recommend Talk Wireless be considered for such implementation.

Director of ICT, Police Services


Just wanted you both to know that we are now fully wirelessly operational at the Court House

VOIP telephones too! Thank you again for providing us with this cost effective solution!

Sarah, IT Director


Your service has been exceptional. Every time I have had to call, or deal with anyone there, each person has been very friendly, quick to respond, and EASY TO UNDERSTAND – especially for someone mildly ‘technically challenged’! Very happy we switched to your company!


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